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Welcome to Washington! Here is a sampling of some interesting facts and trivia you will find in your personal Washington Souvenir Passport:

    Seattle's Space Needle
  • Said to be inhabited by many ghosts, Public Place Market is the oldest and longest running farmers' market in the country.

  • The 80-mile Columbia River Gorge has canyon-like walls as high as 4,000 ft, creating ideal wind conditions for windsurfing and sailing.

  • The only rainforests in the U.S are on the Olympic Peninsula.

  • North Cascades National Park has 318 glaciers - more than any other U.S. national park outside Alaska.

Washington Passports

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Washington Souvenir State Passport - Table of Contents

General Information
     Welcome to Washington - The Evergreen State!
     Washington State Geography
     Washington History Overview
     Official Basketball, Football and Baseball Teams
     Columbia River Gorge
     Columbia River Basin
     Washington Business and Industry
     Washington Vital Statistics
Major Cities
State Information
     Washington State Flag
     Washington State Seal
     Washington State Song
     Washington State Dance
     Washington State Capitol
     Washington State Fossil
     Washington State Tartan
     Washington State Fish and Fish Records
     Washington State Mammal
     Washington State Flower
     Washington State Trees
     Washington State Tree Records
     Washington State Insect
     Washington State Gem
     Washington State Fruit
     Washington State Bird
     Washington State Grass

Welcome to Washington - The Evergreen State!

I, the undersigned, hereby request all whom it may concern to permit the person named herein to enjoy without delay the hospitality and beauty of this great State and to give aid to ensure a safe and pleasant journey to the Washington Passport bearer named herein.


Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark
Explorers of Washington, 1805

Columbia River Gorge

Created by glacial floods thousands of years ago, the Columbia River is the largest river in volume flowing into the Pacific Ocean in the western hemisphere. The Bonneville Dam, located 40 miles east of Portland, Oregon, was the first dam built on the Columbia. Construction of the dam began as a Public Works Administration project in 1933, as a part of Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal to help the United States recover from the Great Depression. The dam has locks for shipping navigation and fish ladders for salmon migration. Electricity from the dam was a major source of energy for the shipyards, aluminum plants, and airplane factories in Washington during World War II.

The Bonneville Dam
The Bonneville Dam


  • Washington produces 30 percent of the nation's hydroelectric power.

Washington Vital Statistics

Total Area: 68,138 square miles, including 1,627 square miles of water surface (20th state in size)
Washington Length: 360 miles
Washington Width: 240 miles
Population: 6,287,759 people (2005 estimate)
Largest City: Seattle, 571,480 people (2003 estimate)
Second Largest City: Takoma, 196,790 people (2003 estimate)
Coldest Temperature: -48°F in Mazama and Winthrop in 1968
Hottest Temperature: 118°F in Ice Harbor Dam in 1961
Largest Lake: Lake Chelan, 52 square miles
Second Largest Lake: Lake Washington, 33.6 square miles
Longest River: Columbia River, 1,243 miles
Second Longest River: Skagit River, 120 miles
Highest Point: Mt. Rainier, 14,410 feet
Highest Point in the Olympic Peninsula: Mt. Olympus, 7,965 feet
Lowest Point: Sea Level
Statehood: November 11, 1889, the 42nd state
State Motto: "By and by"
Nickname: The Evergreen State
State Capitol: Olympia

Washington State Song
"Washington, My Home," written by Helen Davis and arranged by Stuart Churchill, became Washington's official state song in 1959.

Washington State Song
"Washington, My Home"

This is my country; God gave it to me;
I will protect it, ever keep it free.
Small towns and cities rest here in the sun,
Filled with our laughter, "Thy will be done."

Washington my home;
Where ever I may roam;
This is my land, my native land,
Washington, my home.
Our verdant forest green,
Caressed by silvery stream;
From mountain peak to fields of wheat.
Washington, my home.

There's peace you feel and understand
In this, our own beloved land.
We greet the day with head held high,
And forward ever is our cry.
We'll happy ever be
As people always free.
For you and me a destiny;
Washington my home.

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Washington State Marine Mammal and Flower

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