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Welcome to New Mexico! New Mexico State Passports are fun, trivia-filled souvenirs that make excellent gifts for hard to buy-for friends and family. Plus at less than $6 each, you cannot go wrong with this unique present! Here is a sampling of some interesting facts and trivia you will find in your personal New Mexico Passport:

  • The Carlsbad Caverns combine to make the world's largest underground chamber - a staggering 46,766 acres.
    Capital Building in Sante Fe
  • Roswell, the fourth largest city in New Mexico, was founded in 1869 when a professional gambler established a lone store on the cattle trail.

  • The Rio Grande is the longest river in New Mexico and runs the entire length of the State.

  • Each October Albuquerque hosts the world’s largest international hot air balloon fiesta.

New Mexico Passports

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New Mexico State Passport - Table of Contents

General Information
     Welcome to New Mexico - The Land of Enchantment!
     New Mexico History Overview
     New Mexico Business and Industry
     New Mexico Trivia
     National Momunment - Carlsbad Caverns
     New Mexico State Geography
     New Mexico Vital Statistics
Important New Mexicon Cities
     Las Cruces
State Information
     New Mexico State Flag
     New Mexico State Seal
     New Mexico State Animal
     New Mexico State Bird
     New Mexico State Aircraft
     New Mexico State Amphibian
     New Mexico State Trees and Tree Records
     New Mexico State Nickname
     New Mexico State Slogan
     New Mexico State Question
     New Mexico State Song
     New Mexico State Bilingual Song
     New Mexico State Soil
     New Mexico State Butterfly
     New Mexico State Cookie
     New Mexico State Ballad
     New Mexico State Insect
     New Mexico State Poem
     New Mexico State Vegetables
     New Mexico State Fish and Fish Records
     New Mexico State Reptile
     New Mexico State Fossil
     New Mexico State Grass
     New Mexico State Flower
     New Mexico State Capitol Building

Welcome to New Mexico - The Land of Enchantment!

I, the undersigned, hereby request all whom it may concern to permit the person named herein to enjoy without delay the hospitality and beauty of this great State and to give aid to ensure a safe and pleasant journey to the New Mexico Passport bearer named herein.


Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid, Outlaw, 1859 - 1881
Welcome to New Mexico

New Mexico History Overview

Humans have occupied New Mexico since nomadic hunters began tracking the Wooly Mammoth into the territory over 10,000 years ago. Such early civilizations gave way to Indian tribes and today the oldest known Indian reservations in the world are found in Eastern New Mexico. More still are found in the northwestern part of the state, which have been preserved exceedingly well due to New Mexico's dry climate. In the late 16th century, Spanish explorers arrived and built a series of forts and missions in the state; the style of these early explorers has significant influence on the region's architecture still today. New Mexico's distinctive culture was created from anglo settlers, prospectors and adventurers who mixed with the Spanish, Mexican and Native American people of the region. Today, we see many influences of New Mexico's past on the state's modern culture, buildings, roads, rail lines and tourist attractions.


  • New Mexico is world famous for its Native American pottery and jewlery.
  • The oldest capitol in America is the New Mexican capitol of Sante Fe. Established in 1610, Santa Fe existed well before the U.S. was recognized as an sovereign nation.

New Mexico State Question

"Red or Green?" In 1999, this simple phrase was adopted by the New Mexico state Legislature as the official state question. It refers to how you like your peppers.

New Mexico State Vegetable and the City of Taos

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New Mexico Passports

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